3rd and 4th Grade TCAP Results

Graph showing 3rd and 4th grade TCAP results comparing NCCS, MNPS, and TN

3rd and 4th Grade TCAP Results


This week, the state of Tennessee and Metro Nashville Public Schools released preliminary TCAP results for 3rd and 4th Grade ELA. Across Tennessee, students showed 1 to 2 points of growth. In Nashville, scores were flat in 3rd grade with 3-point gains in 4th grade. 


While we are proud of our district and state’s slow, steady growth, we are also ecstatic to share that Nashville Classical is continuing to prove what’s possible in public education. 


Our school and students look like our state – with nearly identical rates of students who are economically disadvantaged, receiving special education services, and students of color – but our results are anything but typical. 

  • In third grade, 58% of students scored “mastered” or “on track” and in fourth grade, 63% of students scored “mastered” or “on track”.  
  • Overall, scholars achieved proficiency at rates nearly double MNPS and 1.5 times the state. 

That’s not all. Our scholars also showed tremendous growth. 

  • Third grade scores improved by 10-points from last year. Fourth grade scores improved by 30 points from last year. 
  • Our students started the year performing at the state average and ended the year outscoring the state average by nearly 20 points. 
Graph showing 3rd and 4th grade TCAP results comparing NCCS, MNPS, and TN

The bottom line: The TCAP is one of the nation’s most rigorous standardized tests. After a dip post-COVID, Nashville Classical has achieved the best third- and fourth-grade results in its history.

There isn’t any secret to our success. We create diverse communities, offer knowledge-rich curricula, and build a culture of hard work and high expectations. Most importantly, we hire, develop, and retain amazing teachers.  

Ultimately, these results reflect the hard work of amazing students, families, and teachers. They should be so, so, so proud of their achievements and they know our best days are still ahead. 

Speaking of the future – we’re growing our new campus, Nashville Classical West. As we work to serve more students and maintain a world-class education at our East Campus, we could use your help. You can follow the link below to donate or always email me if you’d like to get more involved. We couldn’t have made it this far without your support and our best days are definitely ahead.