A speaker stands at a podium with colleauges behind him
A speaker stands at a podium with colleagues behind him



Our Board

Devin Carty – Chief Executive Officer, Martin Ventures

Mark Cate – President, Stones River Group

Laura Encalade – Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, National Institute of Excellence in Teaching (NIET)

Alice Haston – Attorney, Sherrard Roe Voigt & Harbison, PLC

Winston Justice – Advisor, AllianceBernstein

Scott Lenz – Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Security, Wellvana

Nick Ogden – Chief Executive Officer, The Clear Blue Company

Christian Paro – Chairman – Owner, Center 615

Elizabeth Palmer Brundige – Treasurer, Clarendon Creek Partners

Mischa Rowland – Human Resources Business Partner, Cardinal Health

Tim Schulte – Chief Operating Officer, Council Capital

Javier Solano – Vice President, MP&F Strategic Communications

Our Board of Directors Documentation

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2023-2024

July 2023 – Agenda | Minutes

September 2023 – AgendaMinutes

December 2023 – AgendaMinutes

January 2024 – Agenda | Minutes

February 2024 – Agenda | Minutes

April 2024 – Agenda | Minutes

June 2024 – Agenda | Minutes

Calendar for 2023-2024

Our Charter School Documentation

Request For Proposals

Non Discrimination Statement

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) and Nashville Classical Charter Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, color, age and/or disability in admission to, access to or operation of its programs, services or activities and provides access to designated youth groups. MNPS & Nashville Classical Charter Schools do not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices.

Possip Data Notice

Nashville Classical Charter Schools contacts families and staff by text message and email using a service called Possip, which is also used by 1300 schools and almost one million people across the country. Nashville Classical Charter Schools uses Possip to ask for and receive feedback on your happiness and experience with our school/s. Nashville Classical Charter Schools and Possip do not share any of your information, and follow federal regulations on student and user privacy.
Nashville Classical Charter Schools has the ability to send text messages via Possip. Text messages are used to gather feedback, praise, questions and ideas from you, and you may participate anonymously each and every time you share. You may also opt out of receiving text messages and still share by email.